Sep 25

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Household Repairs are High Tech with Plumbing Camera Inspections!

Last year, our happy dream of becoming homeowners quickly felt like it became a nightmare. The day after we closed on our house, pipes burst in the basement. There were tons of issues that weren’t disclosed by the sellers, and we found out about them in quick succession. It no time at all, our repair budget was out of control. The kitchen, the bathrooms, plus re-wiring and fixture updates. The list was long and it was expensive.


Thankfully, we had almost all of our help from friends and family or I don’t know what we would have done. Because of their help, we were able to complete all the projects before moving in. Even though it was a very stressful summer, I can’t imagine what would have happened without their support. We really would have been up a major creek! My pregnancy hormones certainly didn’t help the situation. :/


With our projects, we quickly learned that in plumbing, something that seems small, can be really big. It was a lesson I would have preferred to not have dealt with. But with all the advances in technology, even plumbing has become high tech. Taking advantage of services like plumbing camera inspections can help quickly identify issues and cut down costs. How does it work? Your plumber will use a small camera affixed with video capability to help determine what the problem is — plus, ensure that it’s correctly fixed the first time! I am sure my boys would think it is fun to view the inside of the pipes in our home. I’m sure we could make an inspection part of a science lesson. 🙂


What else can a plumbing camera inspection find?

  • locate a break in a water line or pipe
  • identify the location of a drain line
  • confirm the present condition of your line
  • provide you with a video of your sewer, for personal or insurance purposes



Our cutting-edge “Pipe Cams” uses illuminating infrared light which send a clear image back to the camera monitor our expert San Antonio plumbing professionals have at the ready. You can watch the entire process as if you were watching a hidden camera move through dark rooms and entry ways on a spy movie. — Benjamin Franklin: The Punctual Plumber in San Antonio


Now that we’ve lived in our home for a year, I’m starting to feel more settled. We have completed the major repairs that we needed to. Now, we are mostly left we cosmetic items. I’m ready for a fresh coat of paint on many of the walls and a few more decorations around the house. The repairs when we first moved, especially all the plumbing issues, really put me behind on my decorating schedule! In my imagination when we first closed, I would have the entire house renovated and decorated in a six week time frame. Ha! Here we are 18 months later, still with barely any pictures on the walls, except for in the kitchen. While this process didn’t turn out the way I thought it would, it’s been a learning experience for our entire family. In many ways, it makes the payoff of completion even sweeter when you have to work so hard!


How could a plumbing camera inspection help you?




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