Jul 20

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How Stores Seduce You to Spend

How Stores Seduce You to Spend.


Stores are in business to make money and grocery stores are no exception. They have lots of ways to “trick” you into spending. Be aware of these pitfalls to help save yourself some cash!


Here are some ways how stores seduce you to spend:


  • Huge carts. Resist the urge to fill your cart til it’s over pouring! Obviously, if you’re stocking up on a great sale, that’s one thing. BUT if you aren’t stocking up, grab a small cart and stick to your list. Also, be aware of your shopping buddies. Large carts increase spending by 37%. Folks who shop with their kids increase spending by 30%. Even taking your spouse can be negative if you’re not on the same page – people that shop with a partner are more likely to increase spending!
  • Great music. Ever noticed while shopping that the song playing is a great old tune you haven’t heard in years? That little trick helps increase spending by as much as 17%! Those rosy feelings of remembering good ole’ times makes you more likely to spend! So bring your iPod and play your own soundtrack instead!
  • Clever positioning. Merchandise is played at strategic points to help distract you into grabbing other items you may not necessarily need. This also includes placing kids items at their eye level so they’re more likely to beg or throw it in the cart. Be conscious of your surroundings, but stick with your list!
  • Free samples. This is a prime example of how stores seduce you to spend! I know some people just LOVE going to the store on sample day. So many tasty new products to try! But stay clear – you’ll be more likely to purchase more food items once you’ve sampled. The store is  not providing free food from the goodness of their heart.. they want you to try it and buy it! Always shop on a full stomach so you’re not tempted!
  • Credit card discounts. A lot of stores offer their card carrying patrons a “discount” – some even have special days where you could get as much as 15% or 20% off! But it’s not really a discount. You’re less likely to pay off that card immediately if it’s on credit. I only use $100 bills for our grocery budget now. There is something about handing over cold hard cash that makes you stop and think! Plus, if you know you only have X amount, you’re less likely to throw extra items in the cart!


It’s up to you to be a smart shopper. Not only before your trip when clipping coupons and planning your trip, but while you’re at the store as well. What are your favorite tips to keep yourself on track while shopping? Leave me a comment below to share!

How stores seduce you to spend.

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