Apr 22

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How to Budget and Save for Christmas All Year Round

how to budget for christmas

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How to Budget and Save for Christmas.


You’ve probably packed away your Christmas ornaments and taken down the lights. You’re probably ready to welcome spring with open arms. You might even think I’m a little crazy for bringing up Christmas in April.

But, I’m not. I promise. April is the perfect time to talk about how to budget and save for Christmas! Because Christmas isn’t an emergency. It shouldn’t be charged to credit cards. It shouldn’t be a surprise. It should be an event that you plan and budget for, just like anything else.

So how do you budget and save for Christmas?


  • Decide your budget. How much can you realistically save between now and Christmas? Will you save a set amount per month or a certain amount per paycheck? Will you use a bonus check to cover the cost? Do you have a way to generate more cash at once like a yard sale this summer or picking up a side job? Whatever method you decide on, make sure it’s realistic so you can stick with it!
  • Decide who to buy for — and don’t buy for everybody. Make a list with the people you will buy for and then stick with it.
  • Now, take your list of people to buy for and decide an amount for each person. You might decide to spend an even amount for everyone on your list, or spend more on certain people, like your kids. I created this Christmas Tracking List to help me stay on track.
  • Start brainstorming gift ideas! This doesn’t mean you know exactly what you’ll get each person. But keep your eyes and ears open for needs they might have. I use this Christmas To Do List to make sure I have all my notes in one place. It makes it easy to jot down ideas!
  • Shop throughout the year. It might be easier for you to take advantage of multiple deals throughout the year than doing one major trip at the last minute. This could also help you to take advantage of multiple store coupons and sale prices, to save even more!
  • Shop at your favorite stores online. You can also search online for coupon codes to get money off your order or free shipping! When you shop online, use only a debit card or PayPal account to pay to help make sure you stay within budget.
  • Remember to include items like cards and wrapping paper in your budget, so that everything you need is covered. You could also save and re-use bags from previous years.
  • Consider making your own gifts! You could bake, make custom picture frames, or bath goodies. Think about offering a voucher for a service from yourself — babysitting, house cleaning, or photography.
  • Think about “events” you could gift instead of presents. This is especially great for that person who seems to have everything!


Final Thoughts…


  • Only use cash while shopping, it will help you stick on budget.
  • Keep all of your receipts together. This will help you tally up purchases and also help streamline returns or exchanges.
  • Try to shop alone — you’re less likely to overspend or have impulse buys.


Remember what the reason for the season is. It’s not about presents! Friendships, family and love is what really counts. Creating memories together as you celebrate the birth of Jesus is a lasting gift!

How do you budget and save for Christmas?








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