Jul 13

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How to Dispel Negative Reactions to Your Coupons

Sometimes the negative reactions you’ll encounter in regards to your coupons aren’t from friends or family – they come in the form of complete strangers! I think most of us have encountered a short tempered cashier, a rude manager, or raised eyebrows and sighs from other shoppers. You can’t control how other people behave but you can control how you react! As the old saying goes, you’ll get more bees with honey than vinegar!  Here are some tips for dealing with negative reactions!


  • Be kind and courteous. Keep a smile on your face even if you feel like screaming! Remember to be kind and respectful to store employees – you’re more likely to form bonds if they feel like you respect them. Simply showing you care by asking how their day is going can make a big difference.
  • Be prepared. You’re more likely to score brownie points with your cashier if you are organized and prepared. Throwing a huge mess of coupons in front of them is sure to overwhelm anyone. Take time before checking out to make sure your coupons are organized and for the correct products. Also, make sure to mention any special circumstances before getting started – like if you need a rain check or rebate receipt.
  • Warn other shoppers. If someone gets in line behind you in the middle of a huge checkout, make sure to warn the shopper behind you that you have a large order and coupons so you may be a few extra minutes. Some shoppers will choose another cashier and some will stay to watch you in action. That’s their choice – you did the right thing by letting them know you might take a few extra minutes!
  • Explain yourself when needed. You don’t necessarily owe anyone else an explanation about why you coupon, but I have found personally that people are friendlier when they realize you’re not a crazy hoarder. 🙂 If someone seems skeptical about why you coupon, take a moment to explain your reasons {paying off debt, staying home full time, etc} and share how much you save. When I’ve told people I’ve cut our grocery/toiletry/household budget by 75% so I can be a stay at home mom, many folks are surprised and turn their attitudes around.
  • Stay calm. It’s pretty inevitable that at some point no matter how well planned your trip is, you’ll have a coupon that won’t scan or a cashier that doesn’t understand the store policy. Instead of arguing or getting in a huff, stay calm while you talk things outs. Get a manager or corporate office involved when necessary, but never do so when you’re angry.



I’d love to hear how you have handled negative reactions personally. Leave a comment below to share your story!

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