Jan 09

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How to Give Back on a Budget

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 How to Give Back on a Budget.


Do you ever stop to think how blessed you are? Really, truly, blessed?


There are so many times where I complain to myself about the problems I’m having. Silly little things. Then I’ll catch myself and realize I have so much more than many others. I can go to the store and get whatever food my family needs. We have a roof over our head in a safe place. I can read and write. I can provide clothes and toys for my boys. I have more than I need — I am abundantly blessed!


Financially, it can be hard to give back to charities. You might just not have enough extra in your budget to make it happen. That’s why I want to talk about how to give back on a budget.


Here are some tips on how to give back on a budget without creating a financial strain:



  • You can make small monetary donations instead of writing great big checks. Any amount can help a charity! Consider things like sponsoring a friend in a charity run for $5 or $10.
  • Look into volunteering. Even if you don’t have a regular time that you can help, many charities can find a place for you! Check with charities in your area and find out about their training requirements and when you can stop by.
  • Check out deal sites like Living Social or Groupon. Living Social had $10 donations to the USO for only $5 during the holidays.
  • Keep an eye out for legitimate pay per click donations online. You can often find companies donating to charity for each “like” or “follower” on social media.
  • Put your change in a jar and make a donation anytime it’s full.
  • Watch for companies that offer to match donations. Your $5 donation could be worth $10!
  • Look at your stockpile. Do you really need 400 tubes of deodorant? Nope! Give them away!
  • Commit to using your coupons whenever possible to snag free or cheap items and give them away. A few items per week can add up in a big way for a charity without becoming a strain on your wallet. Check out Donation Box every week for ideas on what to get!


What tips do you have? What kind of programs are in your area to volunteer with? Leave me a comment about how your family gives back on a budget!



How to Give Back on a Budget.

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  1. Mama Bee Does

    I may not have the best of everything but I am thankful for what I do have. I do my best to find ways to give to others as much as I can. Love your site!

    1. couponswithq.com

      Thank you! I agree.. we’re so blessed and it’s great to give back!

  2. michelle cantu

    I love the jar change idea. My kids collect our change. What a great way for them to give back to others.

    1. couponswithq.com

      Thanks, Michelle!

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