Sep 06

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How to Overcome Negative Reactions

For the most part, people are really positive towards me about my coupons and saving money. In the grocery store, customers and cashiers exclaim over my savings and friends and family cheer me on. Once in a while though, I will run into folks that are less than positive or downright negative. They don’t agree with stockpiling or they think you’re being greedy. I let their comments or stares roll right off me. I think it’s fabulous I can save our family so much money and I’m so blessed to be home with my boys. You can’t control how others act (or react!) but you can control how you behave. How can you handle their comments or stares? Read on to find out!

  • Don’t contribute to the negative assumptions by clearing shelves. If you want a large number of a certain item, speak to a manager ahead of time to pre-order. I personally will pre-order if I want more than ten of something.
  • Don’t be rude! Even if someone is rude to you, take the high road! This is true with store employees as well, even if they treat you negatively. Sometimes they just don’t know what the store policy is, but you can kindly tell them and show them with your printed policy.
  • Do what’s right and be fair. You should NEVER use an expired or fraudulent coupon. If someone reacts negatively that you’re getting something cheap or free, you can assure them that coupons are like cash. The manufacturer reimburses the store for the value of the coupon plus a handling fee.
  • Be organized! Whatever your coupon storage system is, have your coupons ready before getting in the check out lane. You can politely let others getting in lane behind you know that you have a large order, multiple transactions, or lots of coupons and you might take a while. Instead of handing your cashier an overwhelming pile of coupons, hand them batches at a time. Remember to be polite, but it’s totally fair for you to be there. (Nothing irks me more when people, especially cashiers, act disgruntled that I’m taking my turn!) A great way to overcome this is to shop early in the morning or late at night – there are fewer customers and usually the employees are super nice!
  • Be kind and courteous to all those you come in contact with. While I do encourage you to watch your transaction being rung up carefully and not chit chat during ring up and coupon scanning, I think it’s great to make conversation with your cashier before starting or afterwards. Ask them how they’re doing and thank them for all their help when you’re done.
  • If someone says something flat out rude to you it’s okay to just smile and say something like “I’m just a mom saving our family money so our kids can go to college debt free.” I have also just smiled at folks before and then politely turned around and minded my own business.
  • Finally, if a situation arises with a cashier or manager that gets totally out of hand it’s okay to step back and leave. Calm down and then you can call corporate. Don’t create a scene or let your emotions get control of you regardless of what the situation is!

What kind of reactions have you received? How have you handled any negative reactions?

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