Jun 22

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How to Request a Rebate Receipt at Walgreens


So after tackling information on mail in rebates last week, I wanted to tell you about requesting rebate receipts at Walgreens! I am so glad that Christie over at Wild for Wags was able to provide this information – and picture – showing us exactly what to do! I know some stores are switching over to the new touch screen register system, so this might not work at every store. Also, some stores have marked the button themselves.


There are a couple of reasons you might want to request a rebate receipt. If you are buying a gift, it can act as a gift receipt, showing only one item instead of everything you purchased in that transaction. Also, if you are buying an item specifically to submit for a rebate, it will show the item purchased at full price, instead of showing all the coupons and Register Rewards you used to pay! Please remember if you are buying multiple items to submit for rebate, you will need a separate, original receipt for each item. This special rebate receipt is considered an original receipt.


Hit the middle button on the left side of the key board pictured here. It wasn’t labeled so we’ll call it the Gift/Rebate button.

It will prompt the cashier to select either “Gift” or “Rebate” receipt, make the selection depending on which you need then enter.

Scan the item & proceed as normal. A second receipt will print out at the end of your transaction.

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