Feb 20

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How to Save Money on Dairy

how to save on dairy

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Another large portion of our grocery budget goes towards dairy products — so how do we save money on dairy? Here are my tips!

How to Save Money on Dairy

  • Stocking up and freezing products is a great way to save money on dairy because they freeze great! Butter, yogurt, and cheeses (including cream cheese) can be put straight into the freezer. For your milk you will need to pour out a few inches to allow room for expansion. You can find out about how to freeze foods here. For example, I keep an eye out for butter deals around Thanksgiving and Christmas – the price usually drops significantly and you can stock your freezer.
  • Forget about convenience and buy cheese in the big blocks. You can save BIG by doing this and slice or shred your own.
  • Look for the best prices on eggs and milk since you need to regularly these. Some stores offer deals if you buy a certain amount (like a free gallon after purchasing two, etc). Some drug stores offer super low prices in hopes of getting you in the store to purchase other items. (Put your blinders on and don’t put anything else in your cart!!)
  • Consider making your own. I have never personally done this but I think it could be a fun project with your kids! I found some great ideas for making your own dairy products.
  • You will often see coupons for yogurt, but keep an eye out for catalinas for other products as well. A lot of times there are catalinas for a free gallon of milk when you purchase a certain kind or amount of cereal. I have also seen peelies for new types of cheeses so keep an eye out! (Find out what coupon abbreviations mean.)
  • Look for mark downs on products about to expire. Usually the store will mark down items at the end of the night or early morning that are about to expire but are still fine to consume. You can ask your store manager when they do mark downs and plan your trip at that time.
  • Consider using powdered milk for baking and cooking!

My Favorite Way to Save Money on Dairy?

Go straight to the farm! Find your local co-op, farmer, or farmers market and get fresh milk and other products! This is an especially great tactic to save money on dairy if you’re buying organic!


Your turn! How do YOU save money on dairy?



Save Money on Dairy.

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  1. Stephanie

    Dairy is one of the most expensive things in my house. We go through so much milk each week, we need our own cow. Thanks for the great tips.

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      Haha! I know how you feel! Thanks for stopping by, Stephanie!

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