Feb 19

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How to Save Money on Meat

how to save on meat

Trying to save money on meat is really difficult! But it IS doable! Here are some tips to help you!

You CAN Save Money on Meat!


  • Watch for catalinas for a certain amount off your meat purchase.
  • Talk to your store and find out when they mark down their meat – it’s usually at the beginning or end of the day and you can plan to shop then! They will usually mark down meat that is about to expire but is still ok for consumption. Keep an eye out for orange stickers or buy one get one deals and then use or freeze the meat right away.
  • Price out local butchers or farmers – they may offer a better deal than the grocery store! Consider going in on a whole cow with a neighbor for a great deal. You can also check into your local food co-ops. Some include meat!
  • Forget convenience. Skinless chicken is expensive so consider buying it with the skin on to save yourself some money. You could also consider deboning the chicken as well. Also look at the “family size” packs of meat which are usually cheaper per pound than the smaller packages. You can cook your meat when you get home and freeze (such as making a big batch of meatballs) or you could split and freeze it. (That’s usually what I do!) Just make sure to use freezer safe containers or bags to prevent freezer burn!
  • Use your leftovers the next day. You can make great sandwiches or soups. Consider making a meat pie, stew, or stir fry to use up that meat instead of throwing it away! This is one of my favorite ways to save money on meat!
  • Look at the freezer section for deals on meat, poultry, and fish. A lot of times there will be B1G1 bags of frozen chicken breast or half price bags.
  • Buy a cheaper cut of meat and then tenderize and marinade it!
  • Price out packaged lunch meat instead of heading straight for the deli counter. The packages offer you the same options as the deli but are often at cheaper sale prices and you can use your coupons!
  • Instead of making meat the main ingredient, use it for part of the meal. For example, make chicken and pasta but only use two chicken breasts divided amongst your four family members instead of each person getting their own breast. Not only will you make you meat budget stretch further, you’ll have less potential for waste.
  • Use beans to give your dishes protein instead of relying solely on meat. Consider using lentils, split peas, or beans. Make meat dishes like meatloaf stretch by adding bread crumbs or oats. Double your taco meat by adding beans!

What is My Favorite Way to Save Money on Meat?

I stock up when there is a great sale such as buy one get one free and freeze the meat! This is a great way to save money PLUS get our favorite meat!

Now I want to hear from you…

How Do YOU Save Money on Meat?



How to Save Money on Meat.

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