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How to Save Money on Produce

how to save money on produce

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Fresh fruit and veggies is one area of our budget I won’t compromise on — that’s why I work so hard to save money on produce! I’m blessed that our whole family loves fresh produce and we eat a lot of it. Which is good for our health, but not always our wallets. Here are my tips to help you save money produce without sacrificing!

How to Save Money on Produce


  • Take a look at a “pick your own” type farm where you will most likely get a much better deal. This can make for a great day with the kids as well! Keep in mind that there are lots of great produce items you can freeze or can. We love frozen strawberries and blueberries especially!
  • Visit farmers markets and co-ops. While you usually see these during the summer, there are some year round indoors. Not only are you supporting a local farmer, you can get great prices and many items are organic. (If you are low-income in Michigan, check out this program.)
  • Consider growing your own! Even if you have limited space, there are great containers that you can grow herbs, berries, beans, peppers, tomatoes, etc in! While I have not yet discovered the joys of gardening personally (sorry Mom!) I know many people find this super relaxing!
  • Weigh your produce before buying. This is true for price per pound or price per item. Bagged items can vary greatly and wouldn’t you rather get the most bang for your buck? It only takes a moment and it’s so worth it!
  • Watch for catalina deals at your store that knock off a set amount off your total produce purchase. I recently had a $5 catalina at Meijer! There are also sometimes deals if you purchase a certain item(s) you will receive a certain fruit or veggie free.
  • Take a look at mark down or clearance produce that are ripe or over ripe. You can use bananas in bread or make some jam with ripe fruits.
  • There are times that buying fruit in a can will be a great money saver especially for cooking.


My Favorite Way to Save Money on Produce:

Find and buy fruits and veggies that are in season!!

Your Turn: How does your family save money on produce?



Save Money on Produce.

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