Jun 28

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How to Save on Medical Bills

In this day and age of information, you would hope for few errors on your bills, however that sadly is not the case. Current statistics show that up to 80% of medical bills contain errors! In order to make sure that you aren’t paying for unnecessary items, you need to be your own advocate. Carefully read every bill you receive to check for errors. If you have questions, make sure to call and ask them! When we had our son in March, we started receiving bills in April, and I just about fainted. I couldn’t believe all the things we were being charged for! But after some time on the phone, I discovered a few errors and even one case of being double billed for $1200! There were several cases where they hadn’t even billed our insurance. Make sure you follow up with your insurance company as well to make sure exactly what they do and do not cover. If once you make sure all the charges are accurate, you find you can’t pay the whole sum, ask to set up a payment plan. Most hospitals and doctors offices are happy to help with this and will set up something reasonable that you can afford. While it would be nice to have it paid in full, if you can’t swing it, at least you aren’t being sent to collection and you aren’t being charged interest!

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