Aug 05

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How to SAVE on Your Cell Phone

how to save on your cell phone

How to Save on Your Cell Phone.


As I’ve said before, my husband and I both have iPhones. It didn’t take long before we were both totally addicted and telling each other what apps to use. (Check out my page of the best money saving apps.) There have been moments (ie: day I get our bill) I’ve questioned if I really need my iPhone. I determined that yes, it’s worth it to us, however I also took a look at ways to whittle down our bill. When I was laid off last year, I took a good look at every single penny that was leaving us and one area I was able to reduce was our cell phone bill by $60 a month.


Here are my tips for how to save on your cell phone:

  • Decide which features you really use and are important to you. You may be paying for something you don’t use at all! You could also be “double paying.” For instance, you are paying both your insurance company and cell phone company for roadside assistance. You can eliminate one of them!
  • Take a look at your bill breakdown – determine how many minutes you’re talking and how many texts you use per month. This is a great way to save on your cell phone! You may be on an unlimited plan ($1400 a year with Verizon) but only using a small portion. This is one major area I cut back on: we had 1000 minutes a month and unlimited texts. We were blowing through a lot of texts but realized a lot of minutes were going to waste. We downgraded and we’ve never gone over our alloted amount. Most companies have apps that you can track your monthly usage from quickly and easily – utilize them!
  • Look at how much data you’re using and what’s covered in your plan. This is similar to your minutes. You will be alloted a certain amount of data in your plan, but if you use more, they can charge you extra! With so many smartphones and the ability to connect to the internet, it’s easy to rack up data charges downloading and surfing online!
  • Once you see how many minutes you’re using, you may discover you actually need more instead of less. If you use your phone for business or are making a lot of daytime calls, make sure you aren’t going over your plan and paying extra for those minutes! If you regularly go over you need to decide to either increase your plan or talk on a landline more, therefore reducing the minutes used.
  • Go to BillShrink to quickly enter in the information about your plan and find out if there are better deals out there for you.
  • Armed with the info from BillShrink, call your provider. Ask these questions: How can I lower my plan? Am I eligible for any free upgrades? Can I change my current plan? Are there any fees associated with switching my current plan? It’s okay to flat out tell them that you need to lower your bill and find out what they can do for you. You can also refer to what another provider can give you and ask how they can match it.
  • Ask if your provider offers any discount programs. Many have special discounts (usually a monthly percentage off) based on what college you went to or what company you’re employed with.
  • Make sure to take note when your current plan is out of contract – once they no longer “own” you, it’ll be even easier to call them with their competitions offers to negotiate a lower plan for yourself!


So! What plan do you use? If you’ve called your cell phone company, how much money did you save?



How to Save on Your Cell Phone.

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  1. Dana ward-haworth

    Have you looked into republic wireless? No iPhone but it looks like a great deal…pay $19 or $29 per month unlimited everything…my husband and I are going to try it in July when our contract is up with att…they only have one phone it’s a Motorola android smartphone…doesn’t look bad…will miss my iPhone but am excited about the HUGE savings!

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      That sounds great, Dana! Those savings are fantastic! Thanks for stopping by & sharing!

  2. Sarah

    I just looked up BillShrink and found out it doesn’t exist anymore 🙁

    1. Layne Quintanilla

      What a bummer! 🙁

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