May 18

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How to Save on Your Pets

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How to Save on Your Pets.


Many people {like my husband for instance 😉 } view pets as another member of the family. You don’t want to skimp on their care! But even healthy pets can rack up a whole bunch in expenses. So how do you cut the costs without cutting quality?


Here are some great tips that will help you save on your pets:


  • Choose your vaccines. All vaccines do not need to be given yearly, some can be every three years. You can check out the American Animal Hospital Association to learn about their recommendations and then discuss with your doctor. You can also look into inexpensive vaccines through Paws Plus or mobile vets in large cities which have reduced prices because of their low overhead.
  • Feed wisely. It’s not just humans that are overweight! Estimates show that half of all cats and dogs are obese. Even though your pet may love to eat leftovers or might beg for table food, in the long run you’re not doing them any favors. You could be piling on not only pounds but unnecessary medical bills! Choose high quality foods – they will stay healthier and fuller when you feed them correctly! This is one area where cheapest isn’t always best. Can you imagine eating Ramen noodles for every single meal and expecting your body to perform at it’s best? It’s the same thing if you feed your pet cheap, poor quality meals. To help deal with the additional expense of high quality food, keep an eye out for sales at your local stores and write the manufacturer letting them know how much your family loves their product. You might be rewarded with some coupons! This is one of the best ways to save on your pets since you’re being preventive!
  • Spay or neuter. Yes, little animals are precious, but unless you’re a breeder, you don’t need to have litter after litter! Be proactive and get your pet fixed! Many humane societies offer a discounted rate on the services if your vet’s fee is too high. Some studies also suggest that spraying or neutering keeps your pet healthier in the long run! This is just common sense – save on your pets by reducing the amount of animals!!
  • Look into pet insurance. If you have a little lap dog that never leaves the house, chances are you don’t need pet insurance. But if you have a large, outside dog or a clumsy/adventurous pet, it may be worth it for you to look into insurance! Vet procedures can get very expensive! If your animal swallows a screw or breaks a leg, it can get very costly to take care of them. Pet insurance can help counteract that – just make sure to read all the fine print and research thoroughly before you choose a policy!
  • Save on medicine. If you are giving your pet heart worm pills or any other type of medicine, do a little research before buying. In some cases, my husband found it was cheapest to buy directly at our vet’s office. Other times, we have found it was cheaper to buy online through a reputable site. Spend a few minutes pricing out what you need to find a great deal, just like you would for anything else!
  • Budget! One area I overlooked for a long time was a vet fund for our cats. I budgeted for their monthly food, but I failed to think about trips to the vet. Take into consideration how healthy your pet is and what type of office visit schedule your pet may need and set aside money monthly so you don’t have any surprise expenses! This is a great way to save on your pets since you’ll be prepared for emergencies!
  • Save on “essentials”. Keep an eye out at garage sales or spread the word amongst friends for items you’ll need. If you’re getting a large dog, start looking for a kennel ahead of time or ask friends with pets. You may be able to get a great price or borrow one instead of paying full price for a new item! You can also keep your receipts for toys. This is an especially good idea if you have a dog who plays rough. An  “indestructible” chew toy is ruined in minutes.. instead of throwing it out, grab the pieces and your receipt and head back to the store. Many stores will offer refunds or store credit!


I would love to hear tips from you on how you save on your pets!

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