Jun 30

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How to Slash Entertainment Costs

Going out to the movies is fun… and very, very expensive! With tickets at $8 plus all the goodies you pick up on the way in, it ends up being a pricey time out. Instead of spending all that money at movie theater, stay home and enjoy your home theater! Take advantage of Red Box and Blockbuster kiosks, which often have free codes posted online to get your movies for free! If you watch a lot of movies, you can also consider Netflix at only $7.99/month with your first month free! An added bonus: parents can watch non family friendly movies after the kiddos are in bed and skip paying a baby sitter!

To save on TV, consider cutting out your cable plan. You can watch free shows on your computer through websites like Hulu anytime for free! Take advantage of live streaming offered through news channels as well to catch up on the latest happenings. You can throw in a DVD anytime for the kids and be confidant that what they’re watch is 100% appropriate without annoying commercials (which then result in begging for toys!)

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