Jul 06

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How to Support Your Couponer – Tips for the “Skeptics”

When I first started couponing, I’m thankful that my family was so supportive. It became a family activity to clip and organize my coupons on Sundays while we watched a movie and had down time. My whole family congratulated me on my awesome purchases. My boys knew we weren’t aimlessly shopping anymore. If someone wanted or needed an item, we checked the coupons and sales first! They were also awesome when it was meal time. After a couple of weeks, the family menu was expected on Saturday night and everyone was excited {or in some cases, at least willing} to try new dishes. Our “finance make over” was readily accepted – I’m very blessed by that! But not everyone so quickly accepts lifestyle changes when you start couponing and changing the budget. Here are some tips to share with anyone questioning this new life!


  • Be interested. Couponers get excited when they save money! Even if you don’t understand all the ins and outs of what makes a great shopping trip for us, say congratulations when your couponer shares their success story with you! Showing pride in a job well done makes us feel great!
  • Realize it takes time. Clipping coupons, making lists, and shopping takes time each week. Be understanding that there are trade offs for the commitment. Couponers work hard to save the family money – so instead of resenting the “job” offer to pitch in to make clipping go faster. Or help carry in bags and stockpile items away. Your couponer will appreciate the help and the extra time together!
  • Have a good attitude. You might be skeptical to try a brand you’re not used to or a meal you’ve never eaten before, but give it a chance! If you truly don’t like a product or meal, be kind and honest and explain why. But don’t just write something off because it’s not your “norm”. I would rather use items I’m not familiar with that I got for free than pay for my “regular” brand! So keep an open mind and give them a chance!
  • Help set up the stockpile. If you are going to truly save the most money possible, you’re going to have a stockpile in your life. Embrace that fact and help set up room for it! This is another possible “trade off”. Would you rather have items set aside for emergencies and regular use that you bought for little to nothing or have a huge display of some sort collecting dust? Sometimes you have to be creative with your stockpile space. But remember that good attitude and help your couponer set up the space they need to stockpile what your family needs!


In the end, I promise it’s worth it to coupon! You can practically create a second income for your family by the amount you’ll save. It enables your family to have stability in the face of emergency and also help others in need. So, even if you don’t understand what makes us couponers clip – put a smile on your face and be supportive! 🙂

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