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How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Part 5

how to teach kids about money

How to Teach Kids about Money.


Today is the final post of the series! I hope you’re learning something new! You can check out the other posts here: How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Getting Started and How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Part 1 and How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Part 2 and How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Part 3 and How to Teach Kids about Money ~ Part 4.


How to Teach Kids about Money: Couponing with Kids.


We all can agree how amazing coupons are at stretching our dollars. I feel that the lessons coupons teach kids stretch beyond just dollar and cents though! We’ve worked on managing money – now it’s time to SAVE it! 🙂 Here are the lessons we’ve learned in our family from coupons:


  • Be flexible & appreciative. Instead of assuming that our shelves will be filled in the favorite brand of each item, Jorryn has learned to enjoy lots of new brands and flavors. We have a notebook that he jots down requests in for the future but now we plan our menus around the sales/coupons instead of the favorites. (That’s not to say that there aren’t LOTS of yummy things to eat in our house – we just think of menu planning differently now!)
  • Always give back. When you are watching for deals, think beyond yourself and think about items that will help others or fulfill a need in our community.
  • Be considerate. Always be polite, use your manners, and never clear a shelf! We’ve also found joy in being coupon fairies by leaving coupons on the shelf or giving them to someone.
  • Be organized. Jorryn sees the power of my planning throughout my coupon binders, my weekly family menu, and my shopping lists.
  • Hard work always pays off. Does it take time to clip coupons, plan a list and shop? Yes – but the reward is worth it!
  • Start saving! Jorryn has seen first hand the power of all the pieces coming together in saving us money. We’ve included him as we’ve paid off our debts and as we work towards saving as a family.

How can you Teach Kids about Money with Coupons?

Coupons save money, pure and simple. But how can you impart this knowledge to your children in a practical, hands-on way? There are lots of ways!

  • With very young kids, the Sunday paper can be a tool to teach colors, numbers, basic math, and time (expiration dates).
  • Have your kids practice cutting and then help out on Sundays! Clipping coupons is a family affair in our home. For a few weeks, I gave Jorryn some dud sheets to practice on, such as cutting out an ad and then we moved onto coupons. I only let him do one sheet at a time, but he takes his little pile and clips away. Throw on some music or a movie and relax together while getting something done!
  • Work on sorting and categorizing skills by having your kids sort their clipped coupons into piles according to type or category.
  • Make math fun while playing store. Have your kids work on their math skills while picking items, checking out, and using their coupons to drop the total. You can also introduce the concept of doubles or triples to have even more math lessons. You can also work on sizes – have them figure out what’s the best deal for each product! You’ll probably want your little kids to use some expired coupons to play with!
  • Let your kids read your list. If your kids are shopping with you, get them involved by helping search for items you need as you go aisle by aisle. If they’re too young to read the list, have them try to match the coupon pictures with the items they see.
  • Let your kids “pay”. While in the check out lane, give your kids the money and coupons and have them help check out.
  • Give your kids their own coupons. Jorryn chooses some coupons to put in his own small accordion style keeper. He then “helps” me by finding deals when I plan my menu and list!
  • Allow older kids to plan a meal. They can handle it from start to finish by choosing the food and using your stockpile, sales and coupons. See how creative they can be! Challenge them by giving them a dollar amount they must stay under.
  • You don’t need to stop with meal planning! Have older kids help plan the entire shopping trip! Some families offer a reward by giving their kids a percentage of the savings as a motivation to do the very best.
  • Think outside of the grocery store. Have your kids help plan and save for vacations. If you’re going out to eat, talk about ways you can cut down your bill or look for coupons to a restaurant before you leave the house.


How do your kids help with coupons in your family? Were you raised in a coupon family too?


Thank you so much for joining me and learning how to teach kids about money!

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