May 08

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I Want You to Want Me.. I Need You to Need Me…



The key in excellent marketing is creating a successful brand image that advertises a service or product that people can’t live without. If you aren’t getting the word out about your company, consumers can’t utilize your services and you can’t make money! Unfortunately, many companies over look how important successful design and branding is. They view it as an unnecessary expense or something that they can deal with later.


Instead of selling yourself short, create a brand image that creates a buzz. Make people want you! Make people need you! Make your brand something they can’t live without!


Deksia is an advertising agency in Grand Rapids, MI. They specialize in advertising, web design and graphic design so that you can make your entire brand a success in every venue. Josh, Aaron and Joshua will work with you from beginning to end to create a brand that gets people’s attention and makes your company a success. You can be confident in the success of your partnership since they have worked with small businesses and Fortune 500 companies.


design process


Deksia has broken up their branding and design process into four, clear steps. During the Think// stage, they will work with you to create a direction for your brand. Once you have a clear outline of what you’re offering and where you’re going, you move onto the Crawl// stage. Here you will work on your company internally, as well as your website and visual pieces like letterhead, brochures and more. Next, you’re ready to move on to the Walk// stage. You’ll focus on social networking to market your brand, as well as public relations. All this creates sales for you! Finally, you’ll reach the Run// stage. You’ll focus on continued customer loyalty, as well as broad and targeted advertising to keep your sales increasing now that you’ve developed a strong brand foundation!


Following this unique system, you can be confident that your brand will be solid and will have a great foundation to continue building on! Take a moment to visit Deksia today and start creating your successful brand now!

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