Feb 07

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In His Hands

in his hands


When Shay was born, I took a much needed break from blogging. I had intended to have content scheduled to automatically post while I took this break but since he arrived early, I was caught off guard and let my blog go dormant for a few weeks with very little activity.


For the first few weeks we were home, we were adjusting to life with three little men. I was trying to find sleep wherever I could, while homeschooling and preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas.


As the weeks moved by, I started thinking about my blog. I was missing parts of it. But some things, I didn’t miss at all. I had become overwhelmed by trying to keep up with a self-imposed schedule. I wanted to make sure I was posting a certain amount each day. I wanted to provide match ups to stores. I wanted to do the impossible. I am just me. Me, stay at home mom to three boys that homeschools and has a super hard working husband that makes it all possible. I don’t have some magic team behind me, as much as I would love to find and train some minions to do my bidding.


I slowly and sadly realized that I couldn’t keep up the pace I had been at. My kids need me. My blog was like having another child. A fourth, highly demanding, colicy child. I didn’t want that. One of the things I loved the very most about the idea of my blog in the beginning was the freedom that working from home created. It was an outlet, plus a source of income through sponsors, affiliates, my Etsy shop, and teaching classes. But at some point, it had started over running me. I wasn’t working set hours anymore. I was feverishly typing at the computer whenever I had a spare minute, which often meant I was missing out on time with my family or missing out on doing other things I used to enjoy, like reading.


I decided that I was going to cut back. Waaaay back. It made me sad since I had been working so hard and wanting so much for my blog. But I knew it wasn’t my top priority. My babies are.


Around this same time, I read this post from Amanda at Royal Daughter Designs. It was a much needed reality check. Of course, I had prayed about my blog. I had said “oh Lord, bless this and help it to do great”! But how often had I truly prayed for His direction? When had I truly cried out for His purpose and His glory? That would be a big, fat never.


So I changed that. I told Him it could go in whatever direction He meant.. even if that meant me saying goodbye to it.


For a week or so after I prayed that prayer, I was convinced that my mom and I were the only two people reading my blog. {Hi, Mom!} I was discouraged, I was frustrated. I decided that this must be  a sign from God it was time to hang my hat and delete my blog. I was mentally preparing myself for the throwing in of the towel. I was thinking of sad goodbyes to my blogging groups. I was ready to admit defeat.


But then, things started to turn around. I stopped worrying about blogging. I focused on time with my boys, time to home school, time reading, time being away from the computer.


And then, I received an email. Then two. Then one more. Opportunities for my blog that I had not pursued. Ideas that I had not dreamed. “Behind the scenes” numbers and page rankings that matter in the blogging world started turning around in drastic ways.


I believe that God wasn’t looking for me to throw in the towel. He was looking for my willingness. My willingness to count on Him and His plan. My willingness to focus on the priorities and blessings He has provided me, instead of doing my own thing. My willingness to call out to Him and listen for His answer. He is always faithful, He is always true. He knows the plans and purposes He has for me. {Jeremiah 29:11}


So, friends, we’re here to blog another day and dream another dream.

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  1. Jayne Townsley

    I hope your blog continues to bring you success in the balanced way you desire.

    1. couponswithq.com

      Thanks, Jayne. 🙂 I appreciate you stopping by!

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