Nov 01

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Income Opportunity: Franchising with Super Cuts!

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I’m always excited to hear about great business opportunities and research them more. When I first heard about franchising with Super Cuts, I was doubtful that it was really a business that could work for any entrepreneur. I assumed you would need to be a hairstylist, or at the very least, know how to cut hair to open a store. Both these misconceptions are false! The more I hear about this franchising business, the better it sounds!


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Super Cuts goal is to provide fantastic hair cuts that will make you feel like a million bucks — without paying a million bucks! They hire top notch hairstylists that have been trained in the latest techniques. Plus, the training is ongoing so that you’re sure to get a fabulous cut, no matter when you visit. If you’re as busy as our family, you’ll also love that you don’t have to make an appointment. Whether you’re rushing to get the kids out the door, or you have a few minutes alone and want to get a quick trim, Super Cuts is the perfect solution.


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As a business opportunity, Super Cuts is a great option to research. Since hair cuts are a need, not a want, the industry continues to grow. Even with huge technological advances, hair cuts cannot be made obsolete! Here are a few more reasons I was excited about starting a business as a Super Cuts franchise:

  • The hours are more reasonable and flexible than in other franchised businesses like food or automotive.
  • You won’t have high overhead: you don’t employ a huge staff or have a large inventory.
  • Super Cuts is a nationally recognized name so you’ll have the power of brand recognition, marketing, and a great online site behind you.


Since I’m an NPR junkie, I loved this article from them on the roots of franchising. It was also great to hear a success story from an owner of 41 Super Cuts locations! I’m looking forward to hearing more about owning a Super Cuts now that I’ve debunked some common misconceptions and heard some great success stories!

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