Apr 13

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Is it a Target or Manufacturer Coupon? Find out before printing at Target!

I used to have this happen to me all the time – I would be looking at the Target.Com coupons and I would get excited for a “Target” coupon that I could pair with another manufacturer coupon. I would print it, only to find it was actually a manufacturer coupon! While it’s nice that you can usually get extra prints of manufacturer coupons by printing off the Target site, unfortunately, I didn’t know how to tell if the coupons I chose were Target store coupons or a manufacturer coupons until they were already on my printer. Thankfully, Totally Target has solved the mystery! Here’s how to find out what you’re getting ahead of printing!



MANUFACTURER COUPONS: Manufacturer coupons always use the wording “when you buy”.

TARGET COUPONS: Target Store coupons always use the phrase “with purchase of”. OR Target coupons use no pre-emptive wording at all. So for example the Sensodyne coupon shown above says neither and is in fact a Target Store coupon.



Head on over to Totally Target for the rest of her great tips!

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