Mar 14

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Learning to be Content

Recently, I’ve been learning a fun lesson in contentment. It’s really a lesson I would rather skip. It’s fun to have new gadgets, new clothes, or new home goods. It’s FUN to go shopping. But I’m learning that being content is important. Really important.


Learning to be content brings joy. Lasting, full, joy. It frees us from debt. It frees us from unhappiness. It frees us from bad attitudes.


See? Important.


My lesson started when I filed our 2012 taxes. And we owed. We owed after taxes being taken out of every single paycheck. Because one of Domingo’s jobs is freelance voice talent, we are taxed as self-employed.


The day after finding out we owed on our taxes, Domingo’s car broke down. Completely dead. This caused us to be a one car family. Which might not be that big of a deal, except Domingo works two jobs outside the home. We had already been saving for a van but weren’t ready to purchase it yet.


The day after the car died, we noticed the heating coil in our brand new dishwasher is disintegrating. Literally just falling to pieces.


The fourth day, our fridge {also brand new} started malfunctioning and thawing. Thankfully, after a few hours, we discovered what buttons to push on the fancy schmancy control panel to make it work.


On the fifth day, the furnace started making a funny noise.


Around this point, I had turned into a basket case. Why is everything breaking! Why us! This isn’t FAIR!!!


Then, I received an email update from a family friend that I grew up with. He and his wife are missionaries in Madagascar with their three {soon to be four!} children. They are “Compelled to Love“. Reading their email update that night and looking at the pictures they shared, I received a reminder how incredibly blessed we are.


Not only was I incredibly humbled by how much we have, I was challenged by their faith. They trust in God for the most basic needs that I take for granted. So, are there issues that we need to deal with? Yes. But my issues are small potatoes. I am blessed. Instead of worrying about every little detail, I can rest in contentment, knowing that God has already made the way for us and has the answers. I can be satisfied with what He has provided us and know that in our obedience, His blessings never end. Tonight, I can take a breath and relax in Him.








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