Apr 10

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Lions, Tigers & Ants.. Oh, My!

Ants Graphic by Moxie Pest Control


Last June, on a sunny, Friday afternoon, we purchased our first home. What a magical time! After living in a cramped 900 square foot apartment for four years, we were beyond ready to have our own house. I daydreamed about curtains, paint colors and how I would decorate. With my mom’s help, we planned out every square inch of our home and mapped out where our furniture would sit. I also dreamed up new furniture that needed to be purchased! 🙂


What I did not dream about however were ants. Big, black ants. Often accompanied by their friends, big, hairy spiders.


Within days of closing, my plans for a bright and cheery home for our family seemed to be tanking. We seemed to have a multitude of pests hanging out in our home. The house had been vacant for two years since the previous owners had retired and moved out of state. Apparently, the ants and spiders thought this was perfect and decided to move in. And move in they did!

At this point, I was about six months pregnant with baby boy number three. We arrived one day at the house with a picnic lunch in hand. We were determined to enjoy the home while renovations started, even if we didn’t live there yet. I unpacked our lunch and eased my ever growing frame to the floor. After a couple of bites, I noticed something dark on the floor a few feet away. An ant. Really!? A few inches behind it, his buddy was marching along. And a few inches behind the first buddy, a second buddy. This was our first realization we might have a problem. There was literally an army of ants living in our home!


Thankfully, we were able to get the ant problem under control pretty quickly. I had no idea how stubborn they could be! We discovered that calling in the professionals was truly our best option and worth every penny! Make sure that you’re also ready for spring and summer this year by dealing with your pest problems now. I promise that a little prevention goes a long way!



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