Apr 12

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Living the Frugal Life with Money Tips from the Experts

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A little over two years ago, when Domingo and I started making a budget, I was completely overwhelmed. Making the choice to be frugal was a whole new world to me. It felt like a huge undertaking that we would never accomplish. But desperate times call for desperate measures. And I was desperate to stay home with my boys. Therefore, we were determined. We would ruthlessly cut costs so that I could stay home full time with our growing boys.


That is when I started couponing. Really couponing. Each week, I made a menu, then my grocery list. When I went shopping I stuck to my list.  I put on blinders when I went to the store so I wouldn’t be tempted by items that weren’t on my list. I also quit taking family members shopping with me. It was pretty easy to add extra things to the cart when a husband and always hungry little boys are tagging along!


Then, we started looking for ways to cut down on expenses around the house. We started using power cords that we could unplug to cut down on electricity use. I started making homemade cleaners. We also implemented a cash envelope system to help keep expenditures in check. We worked hard to create a debt snowball and pay off everything we owed.


Little by little, we were successful. We celebrated each victory we made. Suddenly, it became easier and easier to think about long term goals like buying investment properties because we knew we could by sticking with a plan. It doesn’t happen over night but the long term benefits are worth short time discomforts.


You must walk to the beat of a different drummer. The same beat that the wealthy hear. If the beat sounds normal, evacuate the dance floor immediately! The goal is to not be normal, because as my radio listeners know, normal is broke. –Dave Ramsey


My mindset towards money and living frugally has changed so much! Where I used to worry about shopping and buying, now I think about our savings and debt pay off. Thinking about a retirement account and investing doesn’t seem scarey anymore. It seems doable and necessary. One of my deepest desires has become being financially free ourselves so that we can abundantly give and bless others. To reach this goal, I want to see what the experts are doing. I want to copy what successful men and women do so that we can also be financially stable.


Online Trading Academy has some great tips for 40 of the top experts in money. Everything from trading, investing, saving, and financial planning is covered. I’m crazy for anything that Dave Ramsey shares. I also love this from Suze Orman: “No one ever achieved financial security by being weak and scared. Confidence is contagious; it will bring more into your life.” Living life boldly is important – even in finances! I also liked Jeanne Kelly’s advice to check your credit report for errors. As you are working to pay off debt, you might be surprised to find what is lurking on there. Finally, I appreciated Benjamin Franklin’s wise words: “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” I would encourage you to take a moment to read all 40 money tips from the experts for yourself! There are some great nuggets in there!


Every day, each purchase, each penny saved is a choice. Some are easier than others, but in the end, all those positive choices are worth it!





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