Feb 02

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Losing Weight in the New Year {Plus a Special Coupon Code}

Every January, we all make resolutions to lose weight and live healthier in the coming year. Usually the first few weeks are filled with great resolve that quickly turns into good intentions. After that, it can be hard to stick with lasting changes. Especially when you’re so busy with everything else life is throwing at you! I have gone through this back and forth every year. I am working harder this year to make small, lasting changes instead of trying to do big leaps that I won’t stick with.


Because of this, I’ve rounded up some great ways to lose weight in 2014. Here they are:


  1. Set realistic goals — losing 10 pounds a week isn’t going to happen. Say one to two pounds instead!
  2. Keep track of what you eat — use an online tracking system or pencil/paper to track what you eat.
  3. Motivate yourself — I find telling others very motivating since they can encourage me and help keep me accountable.
  4. Move!! — Whether you’re walking, biking, or joining a gym, do something to get your body in motion.
  5. Clean out junk food in your house and don’t buy more at the store.
  6. Use a smaller plate when eating.
  7. Find a favorite water bottle that you’ll love using to get your water in everyday. Mine helps keep my water icy cold, which I love.
  8. Prep on Sunday — get all your food ready to go for the week ahead. If healthy foods are ready to eat, you’re more likely to reach for them.
  9. Reward and treat yourself — don’t completely deprive yourself or you won’t stick with it.
  10. Try a product like garcinia cambogia for weight loss — plus use coupon code AJGF4TXU to get a discount on your order!


What things will you be doing to get healthier in 2014? If you’ve lost weight already, what worked for you? What is your motivation for getting healthier?


I’m looking forward to a better 2014 with a smaller waistline and increased energy!

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