Jul 05

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How to Save Money on Subscriptions

how to save on subscriptions

How to Save Money on Subscriptions.


Do you have a pile of magazines you subscribe to but never get around to reading? I have several magazines I used to read religiously but I just don’t have the time for anymore. At first, I didn’t think about having the subscriptions laying around.. but then I realized the money was adding up!


Here’s How to Save Money on Subscriptions:

  • It may seem very simple, but cancelling unread magazines is a good way to save money. If you have two or three you’re just not reading anymore, that could save you $40 or $60 a year depending on what you’re subscribing to. However, if you have a magazine that you’re buying in the checkout lane every month, you should be subscribing to save money!
  • You can usually get deep discounts from publishers for subscribing or by searching for subscription deals online. Often, you can subscribe to one magazine and get a second for a discount.
  • Watch for discount codes online. Before subscribing, Google the magazine name with “subscription coupon code” to see what you can find!
  • You could trade your read magazines with a friend.
  • Also, keep in mind you can often find lots of magazines at your local library instead of paying for them at all!


How do you save money on subscriptions?



Save Money on Subscriptions.

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