Feb 04

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Mommyhood — Matthew 11:28 Style

Lately, I have been tricking people. Several ladies have recently told me what a good mom I am. Really? Me? The one who is frazzled. The one who averages 3-4 showers a week. The one who yells. The one who cries. They must have me mistaken.


I read so many blogs and look at so many projects on Pinterest. And I think “wow.. she has is SO together!” There are so many clever ideas, so many incredible projects, so many wonderful lesson plans. And I think “geesh.. I just don’t measure up.” And then I get discouraged. THAT house is decorated so cute.. and it’s cleaner than mine. THAT girl has such nice clothes… not to mention she weighs half of what I do. THAT mom does such wonderful projects with her kids.. she’s making such great memories with them. They’re busy being awesome.. and I’m busy eating my chocolate, pinning, and yelling at the boys to stop tearing the house apart. I’m also very busy ignoring that pile of dishes over there.


There is no manual that comes along with these boisterous, busy children. There is no guide that gives you the definite, right answer for every obstacle and frustration you will meet in your parenting journey.


So you just do the best you can. The best you can do in that moment. Sometimes, it is literally taking things day by day, and hour by hour. And on the really bad days.. it’s minute by minute. It’s down on yours knees, praying that the Lord gives you some sort of answer, some sort of sign, some sort of direction because there just isn’t enough of you left to go one more step.




And He’ll meet you there. Every time. There are so many days when I feel so done. My ears are tired, my eyes are heavy, and my body is aching from carrying little people. And He gives me hope. He gives me peace. He gives me strength to finish the day. He gives me patience to not yell in my frustration. He gives me love — not only His love for me, but love and grace for my boys when they mess up. How many times has He forgiven me for my mistakes? Surely if the Lord can forgive me, I can do the same for my boys.


I hope you know that are not alone, tired mama. I am right there next to you. {Just don’t stand too close.. this is a three shower week.} My house is just as messy as yours. My thighs are just as jiggly as yours. And God’s grace is enough to see us both through.




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  1. Rosanne

    I raised 4 sons and often felt as you did. I went to bed praying for me to be a better mother tomorrow. Raising my children led me to the Lord. When they were adults I asked my oldest to forgive me for yelling at him when he was little-not for my sake but for his. They have all turned out well. But it took a lot of prayer and I’m praying for them as adults now.

    1. couponswithq.com

      There is nothing like raising children that will drive you to your knees.. at least in my experience. 🙂 I am so blessed that we have a merciful and loving God to guide us.. I would be so lost otherwise. Thank you, Rosanne. It’s nice to hear from a mom who has been there and survived! 🙂

  2. Dawn

    AMEN!! Let me tell you, I am way more like you than I am ever going to be like the super moms on pinterest. Which makes me wonder, do they really have it that together or is that just the picture they want us to see? 😉 I’m not ashamed to say that I’m a “real” mom just juggling it all and trying to stay afloat while doing it. 🙂

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