Aug 03

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My Target coupons won’t print – now what?

I have a love/hate relationship with Target coupons. I love that I can print them off at home and stack them with my manufacturer coupons. I love that they offer Up & Up (Target brand) coupons as well which can help score some really cheap products (like those pillows!) What I don’t like though is selecting a coupon, only to have it not appear on my printer tray. Does Target have a vendetta against me that day?? All I wanted were my Sharpie coupons!!! My mom recently called me feeling very frustrated – she had selected three coupons (including that great $1/1 Hot Wheels coupon awhile back) but they didn’t print. She then returned to the main coupon page to try again, only it still didn’t print. On her third try, she was told she had already printed the coupon the maximum allowed when in reality she had tried twice but didn’t have two coupons to show for it!

Unfortunately, Target’s coupon software seems to have a “ghost” residing with it. When there is a really hot coupon (like the $1/1 Hot Wheels) it gets printed a ton to the point where it has maxed out – all the available coupons are gone. However, the software doesn’t remove it. The “ghost” link will still remain on the page for a day or two as an available coupon. The result: you try to print and it says it went to your printer, however it never appears. There is no coupon left to print but the system isn’t telling you that. Why Target hasn’t updated their software to show coupons that are “all out” or simply remove them from the page altogether is beyond me. Sadly until the software is updated, there isn’t a real solution.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to watch for the new coupons and print ASAP. Target usually updates their coupons overnight on Sundays. Totally Target usually has the list (with expiration dates) posted by mid-morning Sunday. Your best bet is to strike while the iron is hot and print off the ones you anticipate needing! Then say a little prayer that Target fixes their software soon so we don’t have to keep dealing with this! 🙂

One good tidbit however is that Target recently updated their software to show when you had already printed out a coupon! Basically once you have printed a coupon the maximum allowed on your computer, it will go to the bottom of the page and will then go gray with “already printed” showing on it. This is definitely a step in the right direction!

Thanks to Totally Target for the tips!


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  1. Tracey

    I very much appreciate Layne’s comments about Target coupon printing problems. Having previously printed coupons from their site, I knew it wasn’t an issue with my computer. It is still VERY frustrating, but at least now I know why the coupons aren’t printing and why I’m not even getting a message telling me WHY they didn’t print.

    Thanks Layne!

    1. couponswithq.com

      You’re so welcome! Glad it helped.. I hope their system improves soon! 🙂

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