Jun 07

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Oh, Those Aching Joints! I Need Some Chondroitin!


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Already at my age, I have started dealing with some aching joints. Some of it is from old sports injuries. Some of it is due to the extra baby weight I’m still carrying around. All of it is no fun though! I am discovering that it is never too early to think about joint health. It’s a lot better to deal with something before it’s a major problem than to wait until it’s totally out of hand. Or out of joint. ūüėČ

Joints have a pretty major job inside our bodies! They act as connectors to our 206 bones. Joints act as bumpers at the end of each bone, offering protection and shock absorption. You’ll find them in hips, elbows, knees and beyond. Working together, they enable us to do things like bend, jump, and many other daily movements that we take for granted.

Joints are made from connective tissue (cartilage, tendons and ligaments), muscles and synovial tissue. Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies make less and less of this tissue. But we still need it! So what do you do as your body slows production?

You turn to an easy to take supplement you trust, like¬†Chondroitin from Seven Seas to help fill in the gap! If you are already taking good care of your body by doing things like exercising and getting plenty of rest and water, then you might need to add something extra to your daily routine to help your body even more. An easy to take supplement could be the answer you need. It can help create more of the connective tissue that you need to run your best. It’s important to keep all your ligaments supple so that your joints work their best so that your body can work it’s best for any job you give it!

If you wait too long to start taking care of yourself, you could end up with painful aches and start to lose your ability to do tasks you love. So make sure to start taking the best care of yourself now so that you don’t suffer any long term damage! Your joints will thank you!


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