Nov 04

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Paper Product Price List


Paper Product Price List.


I’ve had several people ask me what a good price is for their paper products recently. I despise spending money on things like toilet paper and paper towels since they will be down the drain! I wanted to share what my rules of thumb are for some of the paper products I buy. You may find these prices vary in your area, but you can use them as a starting point!


Here’s my Paper Product Price List:

  • Toilet Paper – Since all rolls are different, I don’t base my price on the number of rolls or if they’re “double rolls”. I found this rule of thumb to be the most universal as well – anyone, anywhere can make this work. I determine the total number of square feet and then move the decimal point over two places to the left. Your goal should be 1c per square foot. For example:

TP #1: 400 sq. ft. at $6 is not a deal. You should get 400 sq. ft. for $4.

TP #2: 650 sq. ft. at $5 is a great deal. That’s less than 1c per square foot!

  • Paper Towels – This varies for me from 25c to 75c. If I can get paper towels for 50c or less, it’s a great stock up price for me. However, if I am running low and really need to buy it, I will settle for paying 75c per roll.
  • Kleenex – You should be able to get facial tissue for 25c to 50c per box. Stock up during cold/flu season to last you!!
  • Napkins – This is another 50c item. You should not be spending more than 75c for napkins!
  • Paper Plates & Cups – I feel like a broken record saying “50c” but paper/plastic plates and cups should never cost you more than 50c either!
  • Moist Toilet Wipes – These are a must in our house so I make sure to stock up when they’re on sale. I usually wait for them to be on sale at Target at which point I stack my Target printable coupon with my manufacturer coupon and the sale price and I won’t pay more than 50c – 75c per tub.
  • Baby Wipes – I have found that using Subscribe & Save on Amazon is usually the way to go for me. I wait until wipes are 2c a wipe and then order a shipment. Pampers and Huggies have also had virtual coupons to “clip” with your order in recent months that add to my savings. I love that I can use Subscribe & Save and then immediately cancel it or leave it active as long as I want. You can’t beat the savings plus having them shipped right to your door!


What rules of thumb do you follow when purchasing paper items? Do you have any formulas you follow to break down the costs?



Paper Product Price List.


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  1. kari

    Thanks so much…I love the sq. foot rule!! my tp was 585sqft…I payed $4.00!!! yay!!

    1. couponswithq.com

      That is an awesome deal! Great job Kari! šŸ™‚

  2. Bobbi

    Thanks for the formula–I’ll be trying it soon!

    Awesome website!

    1. couponswithq.com

      Thanks! šŸ™‚

  3. Jenni E.

    I use the sq. ft. rule too!! I do end up paying more for my paper towels than I want to. I usually try to buy them from Amazon šŸ˜‰

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