Mar 04

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Peek Into my World… Where the Coupons with Q Magic Happens

I’m nosey. I admit it. I love few things more than knowing what’s going on. So when a blog I follow posts pictures.. I am all about it. I LOVE peeking into people’s world’s! Especially when you feel like you KNOW the person from following them online.


So, if you’re like me.. you’ll like this post. It’s a peek into my office! This is where the Coupons with Q magic happens. It’s not finished yet – I am still hoping to find a rug and add some more crafting space {you can see my sewing machine on the floor in the box still.. esh…} but I still love what’s inside for now! It’s unique and doesn’t feel stuffy. As you can see, I’m not into traditional business office furniture! Plus, Domingo allowed me to have a pink room in the house, so I’m a happy girl! 🙂


First, I’d like you to meet the office mascot, Archibald. He hangs in the window and keeps an eye on things. I kind of have a thing for flamingos and pigs. So this little guy is a perfect fit!


archibald the flamingo


The wall behind my desk is covered in inspirational quotes and Bible verses. I also like having my bulletin board close by to put sports and library schedules on!  I love custom office furniture so having everything be unique in the office makes me happy! 🙂




Finally.. the bookcases. I could easily have dozens more.. but we have boxed up some of the books until we have built in cases and more space. I also have the schoolbooks in here since we do a lot of lessons in the office during nap time. 🙂 My mom also made me an awesome pink ribbon wreath for my door. And yes.. that’s Holiday Barbie… My Papa still gets me Barbies. ♥





I hope you enjoyed your peek into my space. I’ll also post updates once I add new items! 🙂


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  1. Naomi

    That is such a cool office! I love how you’ve decorated it!

  2. Coralie

    I love how you have it organized! Cute boxes too 🙂 I love the light.

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