Jan 21

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Save on Gas in 2013 with the Fuel Rewards Network ~ Enter to WIN 1 of 5 $20 Savings Cards!

shell fuel rewards network card & giveaway


We use a lot of gas each week in our family. I play chauffeur for Jorryn to go to home school co-op & events, plus sports and cub scout meetings. Domingo is always running around for work. So when I heard about the Fuel Rewards Network program, I was intrigued. I am all about saving money any way we can, especially with the price of gas these days!


This new Fuel Rewards Network program {or FRN} allows consumers to redeem rewards at participating Shell stations throughout the US. FRN allows customers to earn rewards through everyday purchases like food, clothing, and household items which then can be turned into savings at participating Shell stations! The program is unique that it allows customers to combine multiple offers to increase their savings. Imagine taking $1, $2, or $3 off a gallon at the pump! I would love to save $3 a gallon these days!! Plus, the program is completely free to sign up for at fuelrewards.com.


Here are some ways you can save:


o   Online Mall – Access nearly 700 brand name online merchants offering 5 cents per gallon for every qualifying $50 spent. Some online merchants may offer 2x, 5x, 10x rewards or more – so consumers can multiply their savings!

o   Dining – Earn 10 cents per gallon for every qualifying $50 spent when dining at more than 10,000 participating restaurant locations nationwide.

o   Shell Fuel Rewards – Purchase specially marked products inside the convenience store as well as car washes and auto services at participating Shell stations and earn Fuel Rewards savings.

o   eCoupons – Digital coupons available for select retailers in select markets provide additional cents-per-gallon savings when the digital coupon is selected at fuelrewards.com and the item is subsequently purchased with the coupon at a participating retailer.

o   Grocery & Other Programs – Buy the everyday things you need and earn Fuel Rewards savings from participating FRN program grocery stores and retailers. Link your participating grocer or other retailers’ rewards card to your FRN Account to combine your rewards for even more savings at the pump at Shell in select markets.


{Please note that participation varies by area, so you’ll want to check what is available in your area!}


You can watch a video about how the program works here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdqFvZiQZLM.


Here is how you register the card online:

1.       Visit fuelrewards.com and click “Sign Up.”

2.       Enter your information.

3.       Select “I have a card” and then “FRN Card” if you already picked up an FRN Card at a participating Shell station, or select “I need a card” to request one to be mailed to you.

4.       Enter your card number and card PIN (if you already have a card). Follow the steps to complete online enrollment.


Does it sound awesome!? I think so! Plus, you can enter to win ONE savings card loaded with $20 in savings – that’s $1 per gallon off! {Please note: you must use all $20 at one time so you may want to bring a gas can, etc. to fill up so you don’t lose any savings!} Use the easy Rafflecopter form below to get your entries in! Once you’re done here at Coupons with Q, you can also enter to win at other blogs by using the linky feature beneath the Rafflecopter.



Please note: I was compensated for this post, however all opinions are my own.

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  1. Julia

    I hope I win. There is a Shell station just down the road from us. I usually have to get gas twice a month and it costs a fortune! This savings would really help.

  2. Julia

    I buy gas twice a month.

    1. couponswithq.com

      That’s not *too* bad, Julia.. I really work hard not to go more than once a week.. it’s hard when it’s so cold though because I can’t walk my boys anywhere. Good luck! 🙂

  3. Valarie Lee Gentry

    I have to buy gas every week! It’s awful!

    1. couponswithq.com

      Sure gets used quick, doesn’t it Valarie?! Good luck in the giveaway – thanks for entering!

      1. bella

        Once a week .Thank you

        1. couponswithq.com

          Good luck, Bella!

  4. amber

    For my husband every other day for me at least once a wk. Sometimes more sometimes less =)

  5. Cindy

    Every week.

  6. Karen

    I usually have to get gas 2-3 times a month depending on how many dr appt. I have to go to.

  7. Nicole Becker

    Unfortunately, every couple days because I only get 12 miles to the gallon!!

  8. michelle cantu

    Every 4 days I fill up like clockwork

  9. Ann Fantom

    I buy gas at least once a week

  10. KIM H

    I usually have to fill up twice a week

  11. Livivua Chandler

    we buy gas maybe twice a week

  12. Marlene V.

    I buy gas at least once a week

  13. Caitlin Chapman

    Once a week or two

  14. Christine

    buy gas every week

  15. Sharon

    once a week. gotta commute. need the gas!

  16. Robin

    Once a week

  17. Eileen Burke

    we get gas twice a week

  18. Deb C

    I buy gas about once a week.

  19. Amanda Sakovitz

    i buy gas weekly

  20. Thomas Murphy

    I buy gas 3x a week

  21. Sherry

    I buy gas every two weeks. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. Dina

    How funny! I used this the other day and was amazed at my savings! thanks for the chance.

  23. Derk Thomas

    At least once a week usually tiwice a week.

  24. Alison Wood

    I don’t drive too often, so it’s usually only about once every two weeks.

  25. Shannon

    once a week

  26. Heather S

    every week

  27. Michelle Tucker

    Every couple of weeks.

  28. Breanne

    Every two weeks

  29. Geoff K

    I have a short commute to work, so I usually fill up twice a month.

  30. RunInBoise

    If I am lucky, once a month.

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