Feb 17

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How to Save on Paper and Ink

save-on-printer-ink and paper

 How to Save on Paper and Ink.


If you do any type of printing, especially coupons, it can eat through your ink cartridges and paper supply very quickly!


Here are some painless ways to save on paper and ink!


On Paper

  • Use both sides! I only use new white paper for projects. Otherwise, as soon as one side is printed on, I throw it in a designated tray to re-print using the other blank side. Kids papers from school are another great thing to save! Schools usually only print on one side, so double-check your child’s back pack and use any blank paper you find! This is a great way to save on paper and ink!
  • Not only can use you both sides of your paper, you can save the half or third of the page that doesn’t have a coupon on it to print on next time! We have a bin of paper that is only half or third pages. When I know I am printing only one or two coupons, I use that paper up first. It’s also the perfect size to write notes on for sack lunches! 😉
  • Take advantage of back to school sales! Stock up on paper for the year at back to school time. This stock pile will last even longer when you consistently print on both sides of the page!

On Ink

  • Print in black only when possible. Now that we are home schooling, I try to print out Jorryn’s practice sheets in all black whenever possible. You can even print your coupons in black and white! I have never had a problem redeeming them this way and it will help cut down on the ink you use! {You may want to double-check your store’s coupon policy or ask a manager to make sure they will accept black and white copies before printing all your coupons this way!}
  • Use the “cancel” feature. Have you ever noticed that you print out a coupon and a whole big ad prints out after the coupon? Watch your printer and as soon as your coupon has printed, hit the cancel button! Those full-page ads are a waste of ink! You already know you want the product or you wouldn’t have printed the coupon!
  • Refill your own ink or take it to a refill store. I haven’t personally refilled my cartridges although I have heard the self refill kits are a super cheap and easy way to go! I personally started taking my cartridges to a Cartridge World. They are refilled for less than half the cost of purchasing a new cartridge and every 11th cartridge is free for us! Talk about an awesome way to save on paper and ink!


How do you save on paper and ink? Do you re-fill the ink yourself?

I would love to hear how you save on paper and ink!

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