Jul 22

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Shop Once

One of the easiest ways to blow your grocery budget is running back and forth to the store multiple times a week. This can happen for many reasons including unexpected company or poor planning. It’s easy when your kids whine that something is gone to just stop after work or run over to the store in the middle of errands. Stop and think before you do: how likely are you to come out with only that one item? It’s easy to get caught up in I’m-only-grabbing-two-things mode and then walk out with 15 things. It may not seem like much but chances are you’re purchasing an item without a sale or without a coupon if you’re practicing this mentality. How can you combat this? Plan ahead! Make your menu for the week and stick to it. If you do run out of something like granola bars that your kids love, work together to create another snack for them to enjoy. Your budget will thank you!

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