Dec 06

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Smart Source Printable Coupons


Save $20.00

Save 75¢
off any 1 (ONE) Kikkoman Soy Sauce

SAVE $2.00 On any Senokot® or Senokot-S® Tablets Product

Save 50¢
any four (4) cans of Del Monte® Green Beans 14.5 oz or larger

Save $1.00
on any one (1) Arnold®, Brownberry® or Oroweat® Pocket Thins® Flatbread

Save $3.00 off any (1) One Nature Made® Full Strength MINI Multi product

Save $3.00 off (1) One Nature Made® Full Strength MINI Super Omega-3 product

Save $1.00
when you buy any 2 Goody items. *Valid in US Target Retailers only

Save 55¢
on a bag of 1.5lb. MountainKing® Steakhouse Roasters

Save 55¢ on any 4 count pack of MountainKing® Steak House Bakers

Save $2.00
on any one (1) Probaclac® Healthy Flora™ Adult Probiotic or Extra-Strength Probiotic. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Save $1.00
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Honey


Save 75¢ off any (1) DESITIN® product (Excludes trial sizes)

Save $2.00 on COLIEF® INFANT DROPS. Proven colic relief from Europe now available in the US!


SAVE $1.00
on ONE (1) 12-ct box of Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider K-Cup® packs


Save $1.00 on any variety of Pompeian Oils 16 FL. OZ. or larger

Save 50¢ on any one (1) Birds Eye® Voila!® Product

SAVE $2.00 on any (1) one HIGH LINER® SEA CUISINE® product

Save $1.00
when you buy any BARILLA Microwaveable Meal

Save $1.00 on any SPLENDA® Product

Save 55¢
Off Any Florida Crystals® Natural or Organic Sugar Product

Save 55¢ on any one (1) Tasteful Selections™ Product.

Save $1.00
when you buy any TWO (2) WASA products

Save 65¢
Off Any Florida Crystals® Organic Agave Product

Save 75¢
when you buy ONE (1) package of Truvia® Natural Sweetener or Truvia® Baking Blend with sugar

Health Care

Save $1.00 on any SUDAFED® or SUDAFED PE® product (excludes trial sizes)

Save $1.00 on any one (1) Gold Bond Ultimate® Lotion or Hand Sanitizer Moisturizer (excl. 1oz size)

SAVE $2.00 On any Colace® Capsules or Peri-Colace® Tablets Product

Save $5.00 on a purchase from the Xenadrine Results family of weight loss products!

SAVE $4.00 on any one (1) ALLEGRA® Allergy 30ct or higher, ALLEGRA-D® 24hr 10ct or higher or ALLEGRA-D® 12hr 20ct or higher

SAVE $2.00 on any one (1) ALLEGRA® Allergy 5, 12 or 15ct, Children’s ALLEGRA®, ALLEGRA-D® 24hr 5ct or ALLEGRA-D® 12hr 10ct


Save $5.00
on any (1) Eclos™ anti-aging skin care product with Apple Stem Cell Technology

Save $1.00 on any Cortizone 10® product


Save $1.00 on any 16.9 or 18oz ACT® Anticavity Kids Fluoride Rinse

Personal Care

SAVE $1.50 on any TWO (2) ACT® mouthwash or mouthrinse (16.9oz or larger)

SAVE $5.00 on
Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements 60ct. Available at all major drug stores. Tablets nourish thinning hair and promote existing hair growth.

Save $1.00 off any (1) NEUTROGENA® Lip or Eye Product

Save $1.00
on any (1) RepHresh Brand Product for Feminine Health

Save $1.00 off any (1) AVEENO® Sun Care product

Save $1.00
on any (1) REPLENS® LONG-LASTING Vaginal Moisturizer to replenish & rejuvenate

Save $1.00
on any TWO (2) single bags of HALLS drops (17 ct. or larger)

Pet Care

Save $10 on any one (1) Litter Genie® Cat Litter Disposal System

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