Dec 30

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Sunday Morning Reality Check

As a blogger, I share my life with you. But, I usually offer you a controlled view. I wipe down the counter before taking my recipe or project pictures. I’m wearing make up in my blog picture. I stick with the nice clean aspects of life, like how well that project I tried turned out.. I don’t talk about the days where I haven’t showered in two days, have greasy hair, and can’t remember the last time I brushed my teeth, not to mention that failed project.


Today that changes.


Because today starts with day two of no shower, day two of very little sleep, day two of greasy hair.


Shay hasn’t slept well the past two nights. Last night, he stayed up, wide awake, and happy as could be {unless I quit looking at him squarely in the eye} until after 2am. Two AM. TWO! I have no idea what’s going on here, but I don’t like it. Anyways, I digress.


This morning dawned, and I trudged downstairs with an eleven week old on one hip and a 22 month old on the other. I nursed Shay, and then placed him in his baby swing so that I could start Zane’s breakfast. Zane asked for potatoes so I made some potatoes and eggs and toast. While I was cooking breakfast, I was struck with a genius idea.  I found this homemade, all natural fruit snack recipe on Pinterest that I’ve been wanting to try. I would make it, and surprise Jorryn when he got up! {I have him trained to sleep much later than the other two :)}


I excitedly got started. I was feeling very confident. I was making organic, all natural fruit snacks. The baby was quiet, and content. Zane was watching me with his big, blue, adoring eyes while playing tupperware. All was right in the world. I was even starting to imagine myself pictured in Ladies Home Journal. She cooks! She cleans! She blogs! Ta da!!!! {The picture would feature me in a hot pink cape}.


I cooked the strawberries, and juice as directed. I added the honey. The author said she used her Magic Bullet blender to mix them… genius idea! I whipped out my Baby Bullet and poured the mixture in.


And then this happened…


photo 1


It’s been some time since I used my Baby Bullet.. Apparently, I have forgotten since I last used it how important it is to twist the lid shut. It’s always those pesky, little details.



photo 2


The boiling hot strawberry/honey/OJ mixture didn’t just splatter over Every. Last. Surface. of the kitchen. It was very non-discriminatory and also went all over my arm. Awesome!




photo 3


The toast burnt. I kind of forgot about it in the middle of all the burning my skin and decorating the kitchen with strawberries.




photo 4


Zane thought he’d like to help mom decorate.. so he helped himself to the canister of flour and started sprinkling it liberally around the floor.


Nothing like crashing back to reality.


Two hours later, breakfast had been consumed, the dishes done, the kitchen cleaned. And my boy finally got his treats. I guess it was all worth it in the end…




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