Jun 26

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Technology is Constantly Updating!

This past week over dinner, we started talking about how far technology has come over the past few years. It’s amazing sometimes to think about the leaps and bounds made in just two or three generations. It’s even more amazing to think that things that were normal to me growing up will be outdated for my boys!


Jorryn seems to think that I’m secretly 100 years old. While I might act old sometimes, it doesn’t mean it’s actually true! He’s come up with questions lately like “was there TV when you were growing up?” and “Did McDonald’s exist when you were a kid?” I’m always dumbfounded {and maybe a little offended! ;)} when he comes up with these questions! He was quite shocked during a recent conversation to learn that CDs weren’t so common during my childhood. He was listening to an Adventures in Odyssey CD and asked if I had heard the same story when I was his age. I told him that I had, but it was on a cassette tape back then. He was fascinated to know that such “ancient” technology was still prevalent in my youth!


Not only has phone service and recording quality improved for music, but the internet has been introduced and TV has grown by leaps and bounds. With the development of digital TV and services like Sky HD Box, our boys will never experience fuzzy TV screens or rabbit ear antennas. It’s fun to watch older TV shows and see Jorryn’s reaction to the old, bulky TV sets and the massive antennas they used to find a signal. He was also horrified to learn that remotes haven’t always existed. He was equally stunned to discover remotes didn’t used to be so necessary as most households received only two or three TV channels!


It will be interesting to see what the next few years hold as technology continues to grow and develop! Someday, I look forward to chuckling as my grandchildren will be shocked at how outdated the technology of their parents childhood was! 🙂

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