Mar 14

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The Courage to Relax


The Courage to Relax by Martha Pasternack, 99c on Kindle


I have a REALLY hard time relaxing. I can always think of a thousand jobs to do. A thousand things that need my attention. A thousand projects to plan. Plus, at this phase in my life, there are few moments to really relax. The boys are definitely a full time job with full time needs!


I finished The Courage to Relax by Martha Pasternack a few days ago and enjoyed the encouragement it provided. Martha provides realistic goals in an easy to understand format that made reading her book easy and enjoyable. One of my favorite points from the book is that you can relax even within your tasks! By choosing what is really important and focusing on your priorities, you can find peace and live more fully! I want to live intentionally and accomplish everything God has for me. But filling my days with busy work that doesn’t accomplish my goals makes no sense. The tools Martha outlines can help you say no to the extras you don’t need so that you life is more simplified and intentional. Even at this busy point in my life, I can utilize many of these tips. If you’re looking for a good book to help you simplify, this could be a good place to start!

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