Mar 26

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The Learning Parent {Review}

the learning parent


As a stay at home, homeschooling mom, my days are long. They are filled with laughter and joy.. but also second guessing. There are so many have to’s each day: meals, clean up, laundry, chores, school. I often wonder if I am teaching everything that needs to be taught. Beyond the books, beyond the math, reading, science. Am I really getting to the heart of the matter? Am I raising boys that will chase after God, be leaders, be fearless? I think that’s really the goal many of us try to achieve. Of course, we want kids that are book smart and will do well in life. But raising kind, honest, passionate children that will become kind, honest and passionate adults is the main goal. Unfortunately, all those “have to’s” can overtake life. Over the last few months, I have been striving to capture the little teachable moments throughout the day. To make conscious decisions to help my boys learn about being Godly young men.


That’s why I was completely enamored when I heard about Marilyn Boyer. She has home schooled for over 30 years and has fourteen children. Plus, she writes books. Just that little bit of biographical information makes me want to know how on earth this woman keeps it together everyday! I’m so blessed that I had the opportunity to receive three of her books. I am excited to continue reading more from The Learning Parent and taking advantage of the Boyer family’s knowledge! Their goal is outlined on their website:


The Learning Parent offers quality and time-tested products to enhance family life, encourage character building and excite learning in the home.


These are all things I think so many of us want in our families. It’s just hard sometimes to know how to effectively reach these goals. I’m encouraged to know there are other pioneers out there willing and able to share their knowledge with us to help along our journey! There are SO many resources on their site. I’m amazed at the amount of books and aids they have available! It’s wonderful! You can connect with the Boyer family on their website where you can also purchase their products. You can also like them on Facebook!
the learning parent

These are three books I received. 


Crossroads of Character covers 12 basic character qualities like honesty and contentment. It’s 32 pages of great family pictures and stories that your children will be able to relate to and enjoy.


Character Trails is incredible! If you do Bible studies with your kids, you will know that some are boring or lose your children’s focus. This was not the case here! Our entire family enjoyed reading Character Trails each day. Each character trait is outlined with a Bible story, a history story, and a practical daily application story. I love that each chapter also finishes with questions to ask to get the conversation going with your kids. Sometimes, asking questions and getting that conversation started is half the battle. I liked having an outline to follow since it made it easy to get the ball rolling to talk!


Portraits of Integrity will introduce your family to 45 heroes filled with integrity. Since this has been one of the main points we’ve been talking about lately, I loved this book. We are still reading and enjoying it! Each chapter has a character trait listed with a kid friendly definition plus a memory verse. I enjoyed learning about people that I didn’t know that much about and hearing their amazing stories.


I would encourage you to check out these amazing books, plus the others on The Learning Parent’s website. I am sure you will find great resources and encouragement just as our family has!



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