Jun 13

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The World of Car Repair

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Car repairs can be very expensive and very overwhelming. Since most people are not car experts, we rely on others to tell us what is wrong and what to do about it. You’re also stuck paying that person’s price tag, which can end up being very costly. Thankfully, there is also a wealth of information available online about car repair. Forums like the Automotive Management Network are where anyone in the car industry can go to post information or research a topic. Members include repair shops, car dealerships, franchises and more! It’s an excellent resource to find out about any auto-related issue.

Over the past week, we’ve had a couple of very frustrating car problems!

First, after taking a walk in the evening, we arrived home to find our trunk would not latch. After a few very frustrating minutes, Domingo finally used a bungee cord to secure it shut. Thankfully, we have a good friend who does car repair. After discussing the issue with him, they were able to determine what part we needed to find. A few days later, we had the part and were ready to install. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize the part may need to be adjusted. So after installing it, it locked the trunk. {Yes, we went from an open trunk to a locked one.. ugh!} Domingo ended up having to take it to our friends house at 11pm to have him unbolt our backseat so they could crawl through the trunk to un-screw the part. After adjusting it, they were able to fix the part and re-install it. I’m now thankfully rid of the bungee cord on the trunk! 🙂

We also found out that we need to have a wheel bearing replaced. I’m not looking forward to that since I know it will be a little more expensive. I’m glad that we have a reliable friend that we can trust to give us the right diagnosis and that does quality work. Especially since we are a one car family right now, I’m glad that we have someone to trust with our vehicle! I’m looking forward to getting back on the road with no more issues!


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