Feb 06

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These Diapering Days {Downton Abbey is Starting to Effect My Parenting}

downton abbey


Having two little ones in diapers at the same time is no joke. Because Jorryn and Zane are seven years apart, I never had the joy of experiencing multiple diapers until now. My one great comfort is that I live in a modern age and have chosen to use disposable diapers. I cannot imagine the amount of laundry I would be doing otherwise!


Our story starts on a Sunday afternoon. I had just finished cleaning up the kitchen from making oatmeal pancakes. My grandma called to tell me about their service at church that morning. Mid conversation, I thought I smelled something. Sure enough, it was time for a diaper change for Zane. I set Shay down on the sofa and got a diaper and wipes.


I sat back down to change the diaper as Nannie and I started discussing Downton Abbey. Now, if you haven’t watched it yet.. you must. If for no other reason than the accents are amazing. I am a sucker for accents. And the clothes. And the castle. And Mr. Carson. It’s no wonder they received so many award nominations, the show is amazing! Anyways. You get the point.. having bought Season 3 on DVD this week and finished watching it, there was a lot to talk about.


I finished changing the diaper, threw it away, washed my hands and went to sit back down.


And I still smelled something. Thinking that in my distracted state I might have gotten poop somewhere, I started looking around. Nothing. But the smell lingered as we kept talking. I started checking on the floor, my sleeves, my hands. Nothing.


Finally, I could think of nothing else but to check Zane again. He had a full diaper! WHAT!


Slowly, I started to think back over the past few minutes.


I laid Shay down.


I got a diaper and wipes.


I sat back down.


I changed Shay’s diaper.


Wait.. which kid did I change?!


I checked Shay and sure enough.. Shay was wearing a size 5 diaper. A size 5 diaper that went up to his chest. A size 5 diaper that was three sizes too big for him.


Meanwhile.. Zane was still wearing the same offending diaper.


Round two went without a hitch, I got ZANE changed and we went back to life.


And that my friends, is how Downton Abbey has started effecting my parenting!



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  1. Dawn

    lol I had no idea where you were going with this. I thought you were going to be talking about how they diapered back in those days or something. This was funny. Even though I know how crazy it is to have multiples in diapers. I had twins (and a 2 1/2 year old when the twins were born). Lots of diapers, lots of keeping tracking of who is peeing and pooping. lol I just read a quote that was something like all mothers are a little bit crazy or something similar. 😉

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