Feb 20

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Those Judging Mommy Eyes

those judging mommy eyes


Let’s be real, mamas. You’ve done it. You have looked at another woman in the middle of a parenting crisis and thought “Ha. I’m so glad I have it all together.”


I’ve done it.


I just did it a couple weeks ago even. Despite being challenged with Jorryn’s attitude lately, I judged another mom.


Jorryn’s in the middle of basketball season. The first couple weeks at practice, one child in particular was causing issues. Bad attitude, stomping around, just generally not being a team player. I sat on the sidelines, watching, very haughty. How horrible this child was behaving! I glared at the mom. I beamed at Jorryn. Excellent job, kiddo. You are proving me a superior mother with your awesome skills and good practice behavior.


I complained to my husband about this child. I complained that the mom seemed totally oblivious to the behavior. I heemed and hawed for two weeks.


Then, on the third week, I felt a small check in my spirit about my behavior. Who am I to judge? I have visited every spectrum of the parenting rainbow: I’ve celebrated the highest highs as a child learned something important, sobbed and pleaded over bad behavior, and some days, I’ve even questioned why God thought I was good enough for this task. I have been so exhausted at times, that I’ve bribed and made allowances for things that I normally wouldn’t.


But there I sat, high and mighty. Self important because in that moment, my child was doing well.


I’m not so high and mighty when my kids are screaming, misbehaving, wreaking havoc, and causing chaos. When I haven’t showered, made dinner, or gone to the bathroom with the door closed all day. I’m not high and mighty after all. I am only able to get through the day because of God’s grace over me.



So instead of using my judging mommy eyes, I whispered blessings over this child and mama. I spoke peace, patience, and obedience over their lives and relationship.


There is enough hate and discord in this world without moms turning on each other. We are the only ones that can truly understand what we’re dealing with, and yet we are quick to pass judgement on one another.  Let’s stop that. Let’s build each other up and speak blessings over each other instead!

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