Jul 07

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Time to Summer Clean…

The past few weeks have been insanely busy for our family. With an increased work load for me, that means that some chores around the house aren’t happening like normal. Deep cleaning that I used to do once a month is only happening once a …. well, you get the picture. Despite Domingo’s awesome help, there is a lot to get done and a limited amount of time with three very busy little boys in tow. It’s really a challenge to get much beyond the “have-tos” done most days!


This past weekend, I was horrified at the amount of dust bunnies I found tucked around the house. The fridge also needs a thorough scrubbing. The baseboards have plenty of grime on them. While we’ve been “surface cleaning” regularly, there hasn’t been a lot of deep cleaning happening. Since we live on a busy street and our windows have been open, the dirt is sneaking in even easier. It’s REALLY frustrating.


Gone are the days where I imagine a fancy vacation or car. If I could splurge money right now, I would LOVE to have some professional cleaning done! The thought of having someone else come in and deep clean for me sounds divine! Someone to get rid of the dust bunnies for me. Someone to scrub the fridge. Someone to get rid of grime around our house! It’s funny how our daydreams and priorities change as we age! 🙂


What would be even more incredible is someone coming regularly to clean the house! I know, I know.. I’m getting carried away, aren’t I? To some extent, I think I will have to accept a little extra dirt because of the traffic by us and my messy little housemates. Maybe someday, I’ll once again have a clean house that doesn’t require hours of scrubbing with extra elbow grease! Although, I’d say my sweet kiddos are worth it! 🙂

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