Mar 09

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Using Expiration & Sell By Dates


Using the expiration and sell by date information on your purchases is important in your home and at the store. Items with a sell by date will usually be fine to consume past the date, as long as you followed some good food storage guidelines. Items with an expiration date are a little more final. You wouldn’t want to eat fresh meat, etc. past it’s expiration date! You will usually find the expiration date in black ink, stamped on either the top or bottom of a product.


Many stores place the older items at the front of the shelf and place the new stock in the back. All stores don’t follow this practice, so it’s good to check out the stock at your store just to be sure.


For your home stockpile, expiration dates are important too! When you “stock” your shelves, you’ll want to make sure to rotate the older items up front and place new items in the back to make sure you don’t waste anything. You could also try using black marker to write dates on the front of items just to make it simpler. If you have items that are about to expire, consider incorporating them in your menu for that week or donating them to a food pantry that could give them to a family in need right away.  You can also learn more about successful stockpiling!


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