Aug 18

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Walgreens Coupon Problems – Solved!

A lot of folks have been having problems with their coupons at Walgreens lately. I personally have run into this as well! Here’s what happens: you stack your Walgreens monthly booklet coupon or baby booklet coupon with a manufacturer coupon to score a better deal and the register beeps during your check out. Then your cashier tells you that you cannot stack your coupons because Walgreens coupons (whether monthly or from the baby booklet) are manufacturer coupons and you can’t use two manufacturer coupons on the same item. Have you had this happen? I’ve run into this several times at several Walgreens. Unfortunately the cashier thinks a beeping register means a problem when in reality, they just need to adjust the price.

If you’ve run into this before (or even if you haven’t) I would encourage you to start carrying this weeks ad with you as well as the store policy. On the back page of the ad it shows how you can stack! (See picture above) If you run into this, I would refer back to this ad as well as their coupon policy which shows you can use both one store coupon plus one manufacturer coupon on the same item.

Have you run into this before? If so, how did you handle it?

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  1. Margaret

    Thank you for the tip.. I love having something on paper as a backup when there are problems 🙂

    1. couponswithq.com

      You’re so welcome! I was glad to see this in the ad after running into it myself several times!

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