Mar 12

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Welcoming Spring: Getting Ready to Ride our Bikes!

This week, the temperature hit 50 degrees in our neck of the woods. This was cause for much celebration, opening of windows and breaking out of flip flops! I’m choosing to ignore the possibility that the temperature could drop again and we could get more snow. For a few glorious hours, the air smells fresh and warm. {Ok, maybe not warm to some of you.. but warm to us Michiganders ready to welcome anything above freezing!} I even saw friends posting pictures online of flower bulbs starting to poke through the wet dirt, a sure promise of spring being on the way.


The warmer temperatures bring with them much excitement of outdoor activities finally to be enjoyed. One of our favorite things to do outside is ride our bikes. With a new neighborhood to explore, I can’t wait to get out our helmets, put some air in the tires and start pedaling around town!


Zane loved being in his kids trailer last summer and I’m looking forward to strapping him in it this summer as well. Jorryn finally conquered his fears and can ride really well on his own now. I also discovered that bike riding is an incredible way to get in shape and lose some of these extra baby pounds. I can’t wait to route a path around town and start cycling! We are even discussing a little family day trip later this summer. I know that is a few weeks and many miles away, but I’m excited to plan and look forward to a challenge! No matter where we pedal, I’m looking forward to new memories and adventures together on our bikes!





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