Oct 21

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What is a Match Up?

This may be a little basic, but when I first started reading coupon blogs, there were a lot of terms I just didn’t understand. One of them was “match up”. What is a match up? Very simple it’s the “art” of matching a store’s sale price with the coupons you have in order to save the very most money! (Or in some cases, make money!) Here’s what one of my Meijer match ups looked like this week:

Weight Watchers smart ones $2.00
~$3/$10 HERE
~$2/$6 8/22/2011 Weight Watchers, Sep/Oct 2011
~$3/10 8/7/2011 SS

In some cases, if there is only one coupon available, they may also contain a total amount, like this one:

When you view match ups on my site, you’ll see the sale price, then any coupons available for that product, and then the total for that item. When you see my weekly posts that have a store name and then say “match up” that means it’s the upcoming ad with the sale prices and match ups completed for you! Why? It saves you time and makes it MUCH easier and quicker to get your shopping done!

Happy saving!


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