Jun 20

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What is Coupon Etiquette?

It’s important to be a good example of couponing while shopping. People may get disgruntled when they see you with a huge binder of coupons and you want to show them what a positive experience it can be! Here are some ways to “behave” while couponing

1. Be polite always, to everyone!

2. If you have a huge cart(s) full of items and lots of coupons, let the person behind you with fewer items go in front of you.

3. Never clear a shelf! If you plan on taking more than 10 of a single item, call the store manager and place an order so they don’t run out of items for others.

4. Never be rude to the cashier, even if they are wrong. If your cashier is telling you that the policy you have is wrong or you can’t use a certain coupon, etc, politely ask to have a manager come over. If the manager is also giving you a hard time, call corporate (calmly!) while in the store. (See more corporate calling tips here.)

5. Don’t clear out in store coupons like tear pads, blinkies, etc. Only take the amount you need and will use.

6. Be a coupon fairy! If you have a coupon you won’t use for an item, offer it to another customer purchasing that item or leave it on the shelf next to the item for someone to pick up. Obviously, you won’t want to do this all the time since you will hopefully be using your coupons, but once in a while, it’s nice to pass it along to someone!

Remember that you are an example of couponing to the other customers and store employees. You want them to view couponing in a positive light!

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