Jun 01

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What To Do When a Line Forms at Check Out

If you coupon, you’ve been there. You’re in the middle of scanning your order, only to realize people are piling up behind you. What can you do? Follow these tips!


  • Kindly warn them! When I am checking out, I let anyone who enters the line behind me that I may be a few extra minute. Some folks are fine with waiting and enjoy watching my savings and others choose to move to another line! By telling them, you give them the chance to get out before they’re trapped!
  • Switch. I often let others go in front of me, especially when drugstore shopping since I will be doing multiple transactions. If my store doesn’t have enough staff to have multiple registers open and there is someone with only one or two items waiting behind me, I allow them to cut ahead of me so they’re not stuck waiting!
  • Plan your time. Before heading out, think about the time of day and day of week. During rush hour and Saturday afternoons are busy times, so avoid shopping then if you can. I have found that early morning, late evening, or mid-days during the week to be the least busy times at my store.
  • Be organized.By having your coupons ready to go, you’ll cut down on the amount of time it takes to check out. Also, keeping your shopping list close so you can quickly check prices will also help cut down on any errors.This also helps keep your cashier in a great mood by not overwhelming them!


I also love taking a peek in the cart of the folks behind me while they’re waiting in line – I may have a coupon to offer them to help shave a few dollars off their bill as well! It’s a nice way to say “thanks for waiting!” Remember also to always thank your cashier for a job well done – it’s an easy way to brighten their day!

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  1. Teresa

    Good ideas I’ll remember my next trip at walmart

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