Sep 10

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You’re Hot then You’re Cold…

The weather lately has been awfully strange. We go from one extreme to the other and I’m getting very tired of it. One day, it’s freezing cold and we have to turn the furnace on to take off the chill. The next day, it’s back up to 90 degrees and super muggy. Instead of doing my normal switch over to fall clothes, I have everything out right now!




With the unusual weather, now is a great time to have all your systems checked in your home before the really cold weather moves in. I don’t want to come home and find that my furnace isn’t working, so it’s time to be proactive. Here is what I look for when choosing a company to work with:


  • Background tests, fully trained and drug tested employees
  • Current Liability and Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Fully licensed {in your state}


As a mom, I don’t want just anyone coming into our home. So starting off making sure that it is a reputable company is really important to me. I also try to find a company that handles both heating and cooling, plus duct cleaning. Once I am satisfied with their work, I know I have a trustworthy company to turn to for all my needs!


I am very impressed with American Comfort’s One Hour located in the Chicago and Elk Grove Village area. They use state of the art infrared camera inspections to make sure their inspections are as thorough as possible. Instead of using just a flashlight to see into a small space like their competitors, American Comfort’s One Hour has technology on their side! The use of cameras during their inspections means they can see into small spots that most people would miss. They are able to quickly and accurately determine the issue, plus fix it fast. This helps reduce costs, which I’m sure we can all appreciate! I like that instead of just taking the technician’s word for it, you can see the problem yourself as well.


What else makes them unique? Check out these other great points:


  • All repairs are guaranteed for two full years. TWO years! That’s a fantastic guarantee that makes me believe they really stand behind their work.
  • The drug-free, background checked heating technicians will leave you feeling safe while they are in your home.
  • Choose your appointment time for your ultimate convenience. They offer weekend services at no additional charge.
  • Upfront, straightforward pricing is a priority. No one likes receiving a bill that isn’t even close to the estimate. Their clear pricing eliminates that hassle and stress!


While getting ready for winter, another service they offer is clean air products. Since our home will be shut up once the really cold weather starts, I’m always aware of that awful “closed in” feeling that leaves me longing for spring. I like the idea of being sure that our air is being purified and cleaned, even while the house is closed for winter. Having them check or update your ventilation as part of a winter prep with your furnace is a good idea. It makes thinking about being closed up in the house this winter seem more bearable!


I would highly recommend having your furnace and ducts checked this fall before turning on your furnace for winter time. It gives me great peace of mind knowing that our family is safe and all systems are operating well. It also is nice to know that everything operating correctly is saving us money! Make sure to have your furnace checked soon!

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